What the Pros are saying:

Cliff is a true one of a kind. His directing style is unlike any other - he brings out the very, very best in a voice actor. His ear is uncanny. Really, I've never been directed quite the same way. Cliff pays attention to every detail, until you have the perfect product. His work on my demo was intense! It's a workout. But the results are astonishing. I can honestly say that my career wouldn't be where it is now without Cliff and his magical, mystery skills! I loves him!!!!

-Lyssa Graham

Pants on Fire Voice Over


"I could not have been in better hands while trusting Cliff to write, direct, and produce my commercial demo! He truly does things the right way, and as a result, I ended up with a final product tailored to my voice and skill that I am proud to share with others. Cliff's easy-going nature makes the process stress-free and totally fun! Highly, highly, highly recommended!"

-Katherine Mayer

Actress/Voiceover talent


Cliff's skills as copywriter, director and producer are phenomenal. He writes copy that fits like a glove, gets a better performance out of you than you thought possible, and tops it off with music that makes the spot soar. Plus, it's so much fun working with him I didn't want it to end. 

-Brian Amador

Amador Bilingual Voiceovers


Cliff is one of the sharpest directors I have worked with. His ability to effortlessly steer me in the right direction makes for superior end results.

- Dan Taylor 

WCBS-New York


He's taught me so much, even after being in the business for over 15 years!

-Larry Thompson

Thompson Creative - Dallas


It's so easy for me to give Cliff what he wants, because he's so good at telling me what he needs.

- Chuck Murphy

Kroger/DreamGift Media - Dallas


Ya know it's funny. I am my own toughest critic, but when I hear the final mix of one of our projects, it always sounds great!

- Mark Cardnella

Cardnella Productions - S. Carolina


The first time we worked together, seemed like the hundredth. We clicked. Cliff is a blast to work with, if you call it work!

- Gregg Harding

aka Uncle Nasy KBPI Denver

"I produce demos a bit different,

and it's TON's of FUN! Zero Pressure!"

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