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Do something exceptional!



Uptown Dallas is host to Reading and Radio Resource; The Herbert Marcus Center, an impressive facility. A main hallway runs the circumference of the building with endless offices to the right and left. I quickly pass the business section and head straight to the main control room.


But the really heart stopping moment is turning that final corner and getting a first glimpse of the ‘Hallway of Booths”.  I’m talking 8 to 10 Grand a piece booths.  With comfy chairs, desktops, headphones, swivel booms, air conditioning, computer, monitor and easy to use software. Aunt Sylvia can do it. When you close yourself in and turn that big chrome handle, you feel the silence. And they sound great! On your way out, pay homage to the rooms preserving the past formats of reading material including books, reel to reel, cassettes and CDs, and with the wave of technology, R&RR must stay current. Oh my, think of the archiving and transfers they must face daily.



The benefits of being involved in your community reading for the visually impaired:


  • Reading for those that can not

  • A learning experience the minute you walk through the door.

  • Contributing to a wonderful cause.

  • Start off light and work your way up.

  • Weekly sessions.

  • A GREAT way to cut your teeth in a “studio” environment.

  • They are VERY happy to have you there, so you feel special (which you are).

  • A win/win with everyone involved.

  • Less pressure than an audition or paying job.

  • I could give you a few dozen more…


Even if you are a seasoned pro, please consider contacting your local Reading for the Visually Impaired. You’ll be glad you did.



The Dallas Voice Acting Meet Up Group (The DVA) donates a generous portion of EVERY meet up to R&RR! We’re getting close to the $5,000 mark! Like I said, a WIN/WIN!

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